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Life in Bangkok
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Above: A motorcycle taxi driver takes his passengers, a mother and
two children to their destination on Pahol Yothin Road in Bangkok.
show the amazing and
quirky artwork on many
quirky artwork on many
tour buses.  tour buses.  
There are huge graphics
on the sides of buildings.
There are some
comparisons of before
and after adverts.
One day I was surprised
to come home and see
four cows, a buffalo out
for exercise in the street
where I live.
For a while, billboards
were sprouting up like
weeds in Bangkok, but
still provided
Page four of buildings in
Bangkok. These four
pages don't begin to
include all the wonderful
architecture to see.
Bangkok has a high
population density, and
luckily, in each of these
fires, nobody was hurt.
Page two of buildings
in Bangkok. There are
so many buildings
creating a beautiful
First of pages of
buildings in Bangkok.
There'is a qurkly
nature to some of the
Page three of buildings
in Bangkok. It really is
a beautiful city.
The innocence of
students as they travel
to and from school is
shown in these photos.
The terrifying thrill and
danger of crossing the
street  in Bangkok.
A comraderie develops
when crossing the
street in Bangkok.
Some unspoken alliance
is created crossing the
street. For some, terror
shows, yet others feign
More of a mix of
photos of scenes that
can be seen daily in
More of daily life in
Bangkok. It includes
photos of the children
selling flowers on the
A mix of photos of
scenes that can be
seen daily in Bangkok.
Authorities tried to stop
children selling flowers
on the streets following
fatalities. They've been
fairly successful.
The train station at Hua
Lampong in Bangkok is
impressive, and also
aesthetically pleasing.
Women ride
side-saddle on the
back of motorcycles
in Thailand.
Just a few photographs
of some traffic
accidents. In these
cases, nobody was
injured seriously.
It was an interesting
site, to see race cars
on the streets of
Bangkok before
entering the track.
This security guard was
enjoying his work and
teasing a colleague.
The expressions
and actions of
people waiting are
fascinating to me.
I am always shocked to
see babies on
motorcycles without
helmets being held by
their parents.
Photos of the Police in
Bangkok. They are
shown helping citizens,
and correcting
Students seemed to
have a lot of fun
practicing with flags and
They continue their
hi-jinks at flag practice,
yet the professor
doesn't stop trying to
train the students.
Bangkok is notorious for
its bad traffic jams. Here
are photos of the traffic,
not always jammed.
Tour Buses in Thailand
have varied artwork
on the back and sides
of the bus.
Page 2 of Tour Buses
in Thailand  range from
cartoons to fantasy
Temples in Bangkok
never fail to amaze &
inspire me. For more
links of temples go to
Thai Temples.
The entrepreneurial
spirit is alive and well  
in Bangkok.
boxing practice on
afternoon and took
these photos.
A hodgepodge of signs
almost littering the
streets in the recent
Senate campaign.
Umbrellas are used
not just for rain in
Thailand and the rest
of Asia.
At first, I thought they
were teasing, but later
realized a young man
was mugging the
The motorcycle is used to
deliver all sorts of objects
in Bangkok. For example,
tire, gas, and carpet