Buddha Images at Wats in Thailand
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The Buddha images in Thailand are magnificent and are sometimes
extremely large. The are many different positions that the Buddha is
depicted, for example, there are positions for the days of the week, the
months of the year, as well as positions based on the year, similar to the
Chinese zodiac. In total, there are about 72 different positions with different
meanings or origins.

These images are from provinces all over the nation, including Bangkok.

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Buddha Images in Thailand
These Buddha images
are photographed from
four different temples at
the Wat Tha Soong
temple grounds. They
are majestic images,
and the color is
beautiful. The images
are shown in different
postures, according to
the Buddhist scripture.
Four of the important Buddha images at Wat Po
This Buddha image is famous for its size and
beauty.  It is huge, about 15 meters high by 46
meters long.  The feet are inlaid with mother of
This Buddha image is impressive, and
one must climb tall stairs to enter the
temple in which the image resides.
This Buddha image appears older,
and shows a different position of the
The detail of this Buddha image is
remarkable, showing the hydra of
snakes over the Buddha's head.
Buddha images in the provinces of Thailand
Buddha images in the provinces of Thailand
A large variety of positions are shown of the
Buddha images in Ayuthia, one of the ancient
Thai capitals. Many of the images or statues
were headless when I first saw them. I assumed
the heads were stolen by artifact dealers. They
have since undergone restoration since then.
These images are from the Ancient Thai
capital of Sukhothai.  At Wat Sri Choom, there
is the famous standing Buddha image called
Pra-Achana (pronounced Pra-ajahna) that is
so large, there are stairs you can climb to go
behind the image.
I was able to see the construction of this
large reclining Buddha in Songkhla over the
years.  At first, it looked like an upside down
boat, and then, it was a white reclining
Buddha.  Eventually, it was covered in gold..
These Buddha images are from two different
temple grounds in the Nakhon Sawan province.
One Buddha image is from the mountain
temple called Wat Sri Wong. The other Buddha
image is called Pra Sri sukote sawan pratarn
porn and is over 6 stories high.
These Buddha images are shown from the
large temple complex in Bang Saen,
This Buddha image, named
Pra-Luang-Pa-Dtoe was photographed at
Wat Bha Leh Lai in the Muang district of
Suphan Buri.  The image is over 30 feet high.
This shows the amazingly large Buddha at
Wat Pairong Wua, as well as smaller
images and another colossal Buddha
image under construction.
There is a famous Buddha image
photographed, as well as a large standing
image that is outside.
These Buddha images were photographed
and compiled from Temples all over
Thailand.  Many of the Buddha images from
temples shown above are included on this
The Buddha images at Wat
Pu Kow Tong are varied
with many styles.   
here or on the photo to go
to a thumbnail gallery of
the Buddha images at Wat
Pu Kow Tong.
Photo right: A large
reclining Buddha at a
temple in Songkhla
Province prior to
putting goldleaf on the
The photo right is of the
amazingly beautiful
reclining Buddha at Wat
Po in Bangkok.
There are many different styles of
Buddha images on display in the inner
courtyard at Wat Benchamabopit.  Many
of the styles come from different eras in
Thai history, but the styles also include
Buddhist styles from many different
countries.  Inside the bot is a beautiful
Buddha image styled after the Buddha
image in Pitsanulok.