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Bangkok is a vibrant city that never seems
to stop 24 hours a day. There is usually
something interesting and different to see
everyday no matter where you go in
At temples throughout Thailand there are
depictions of different artist's views of
Heaven and Hell, as well as Buddhist
scriptural tableaux. Some temples will have
other Thai cultural folklore depicted to serve
as lessons to those who see the sculptures.  
These photos are some samples from the
Buddhist temples in Suphan Buri and Bang
Saen, Chonburi.
Thailand is so rich in history, and so many
ancient ruins are so close by. This page
gives a small sampling of photography
from the wonderful variety present in
Most of the travel photographs shown are
from Asia, where there are so many
cultures and so much to see within a
relatively small geographical area.  There
are also pages of travel in Europe, England
and Cyprus.
Tropical plants grow in abundance in
Thailand and without much care, can provide
flowers of amazing beauty.
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The temples in Thailand are amazing, have consistent themes,
but yet are quite different in feeling and expression. There are so
many beautiful Buddhist temples in every province in Thailand.  
This page also includes links to detailed pages of temples,
I had the good opportunity to be able
to spend quite a bit of time in the
Songkhla province of Thailand.  This
page is separate and focuses on the
sights of Songkhla.

The purpose of this page is to show examples of the stock photography available.  
To request any photo, please contact the website at the email link below.   All
photographs are the copyrighted property of Brent Damon Heironimus, 2005, 2006.

Photographs available also include Asian environmental conditions, and
photographic explorations of traditional, cultural and social lifestyles.  For any
photograph topic not mentioned or displayed, please request.  
This page gives a brief background on the
website and the author.
Stock Photography