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Vietnam is a beautful country, with
traffic that must be seen to believe.
While there seems to be no structure
or order to the traffic, it still flowed
well. I found it to be nice place with
nice people.
These two pages are a rather small
sampling of the sites to be seen in
China. The economy has driven so
much change and each time I
visited, it was more developed.
Yanoon was a fascinating
city in Myanmar, and the
Yetagun temple is there. It
is amazing how different
yet similar the culture is,
to other countries in Asia.
While Yangon is large, it
has the feel of a small
city. The Yetagun temple
is beautiful calm and
Singapore is a
modern city, with a
mix of Chinese,
Malay, European and
Indian cultures. It
feels much like a city
in Europe or America.
Kuala Lumpur in
Malaysia is a small
city rapidly
developing. The
Petronas towers,
which formerly were
the tallest in the world
look beautiful at night
or at sunrise.
These two miscellaneous webpages containing photos of Asia are a true mix. I
included photos I liked of different places in Asia, without rhyme or reason.  I just
liked them.
Travel in Europe
It seems that no matter
where you go in London
or just outside the city,
there  is such a variety
of historical sites to see.

This page contains
photos from Paris and
Norway.  Paris is a
beautiful city with an
artistic flair, while the
beauty of Norway
seems nature-based.
This includes photos of
Northern Cyprus, which I
think is more beautiful
than the south part of the
island, because ithas
been not overdeveloped.
Photos of Life in BangkokFlowers from my gardenHeaven and Hell in Supan Buri - Folk ArtTemples in Bangkok and the provinces of ThailandSitemap2
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Photo right, Petronas Towers
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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page 1 of Kuala Lumpur.

Over the past four years, I
spent months in Kuala
Lumpur, and often had an
excellent view of the towers
from my hotel. I was able to
photograph in all kinds of
weather conditions and a
variety of lighting.  The
towers are lit differently at
different times of the day,
and create many different
Above photo, a temple at the large Yetagun temple grounds in Yangoon, Myanmar.
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I spent less time in Myanmar than I would like, but was lucky that the weather and
lighting conditions were good for photographs. I also had a brief respite from the calls on
hand-phones or incoming email because no service was available during my stay.
Above photo, from London. Click here for England photos.