I have been to Wat Pairong Wua several times. Most impressive to me at first
was the depiction of hell at these temple grounds.  The next most impressive
thing about this temple is the extremely large Buddha image that you can see
from a great distance.  A new Buddha image is currently being built that will also
be incredibly large.

The temple that is picture below and to the right is beautiful.  Climbing the steps,
you see the sun's reflection in the golden walls, and it is sometimes dazzling.  It
was very quiet at the temple when I was walking around, and birds flew over
the roofs of the temple, creating a very peaceful, natural feeling.

There is another nice thing about this temple, and that is the welcome that is
given to people of all religions, (pictured directly below).
Wat Pairong Wua in Suphan Buri Province Thailand
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Wat Pairong Wua
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Above, left, an extremely large Buddha image, at the Buddhist temple called Wat Pairong Wua in
Supan Buri. Note the people standing in the lower left corner. Another large Buddha image is currently
in construction and will be reclining. The photo far right is one of the temples on that complex.
here for a thumbnail page of the photos of the temple.  
This page is a sampling of some of the sculptures
depicting hell present at the Buddhist temple called
Wat Pairong Wua in Supan Buri.  There is a variety of
portrayals in the sculpture, ranging from the horrific
to the unusual.
At Wat Pairong Wua in Suphan Buri, there are
depictions of the Buddha's life, in both statue and
mural medium. There are also depictions of heaven at
the temple, and while lovely and serene, they are
sedate in comparison to the depictions of hell. There
is also one of the largest Buddha images I have ever
seen at this temple.
This Buddhist temple is
beautiful. I shot these
photos on two separate
days, and the
photographs look
different on each day.
The second day, I was
lucky to catch birds
flying over the temple.
Detail right, the welcome
given to people of all
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