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Wat Phra Chetupon Vimolmangkalararm Rajvoramahaviharn
Wat Po
Four of the important Buddha images at Wat Po
Wat Po's real name is Wat Pra Chetupon
Vimolmangkalararm Rajvoramahaviharn. It is
one the the six major royal temples in
Thailand. It is famous for its school on
traditional Thai Massage and has a huge
reclining Buddha 15 meters high by 46 meters

There are also 95 chedis (stupas or pagodas)
at this temple, however, there are four major
chedis that were placed here during the
reigns of Rama 1, Rama II, Rama III and Rama

You might notice that most photos are vertical
shots because of the sheer height of the
Photo right, the chedi's
rising above Wat Po
I first visited Wat Po in 2002 and these photos are
a mix of what I saw on that visit.
This Buddha image is famous for its size and
beauty.  It is huge, about 15 meters high by 46
meters long.  The feet are inlaid with mother of
This Buddha image is impressive, and
one must climb tall stairs to enter the
temple in which the image resides.
The detail of this Buddha image is
remarkable, showing the hydra of
snakes over the Buddha's head.
This Buddha image appears older,
and shows a different position of
the Buddha.
There are four major chedi's at Wat
Po, that are funerary symbols for
Rama I, Rama II, Rama III and Rama IV.
Each are different in style and have
different colorations.
There are many beautiful views at Wat
Po, and these include the more than
95 chedi's and the walls and gates to
the structure. The buildings are
striking and beautiful. This page is a
mix of some of the wonderful views
you can see at Wat Po.
There is a mix of statuary at Wat Po,
and many of these are in the Chinese
style.  They also include depictions of
yoga, and massage.
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