Purpose of Website
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A sampling of some work history
  • Photographer at Jon Blumb Photographer 1993-1995              
    Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental professional, 1997-2011
  • School of Fine Arts (Photography) at the University of Kansas, USA

  • Teacher of Severely Multiply Handicapped / Deaf - Blind 1980-1989        
    Kansas Neurological Institute, Topeka Kansas, USA    
  • M.S. Ed. from the University of Kansas, USA
  • B.A., from the Washburn University of Topeka, USA
Copyright 2007 Brent Damon Heironimus
About the website
BDPQ Co., Ltd. Thailand is a Thai
registered company and a major
supplier of graphic services to
An award winning photographer, Brent Heironimus has been taking photographs for years,
and wanted a way to make accessable the photos of the interesting things and places
he's seen. This website provides a way for those interested in photography to see and
enjoy the images.  

    The website is organized into sections. Each page below will have many more pages
    that you can see from that page.  "Stock Photos" is the main category and
    displays a sample of the range of photos available.  

  • Thailand travel - Contains photos of scenes of daily life, buildings, famous
    landmarks, etc. There are also a large group of photographs from the south of Thailand,
    as well.
  • Bangkok - There are so many wonderful and strange things to photograph in Bangkok,
    including scenes of daily life, buildings, etc.  
  • Thai Folk Art - The folk art at temples is fascinating, and there are samples of
    depictions of hell as well as other folk art on this page.
  • Thai Temples - This is a page exclusively for the temples in Thailand, including both
    Buddhist and Chinese temples, and Buddha images. There are many differences in the
    temples while still maintaining a conventional Thai style.
  • Songkhla Travel -  This page contains photos of the Songkhla province. Songkhla
    has a rich historical legacy, with a combination of Thai, Chinese and Muslim traditions. In
    addition to city views, there is a wonderful natural beauty.
  • Asia and Europe - a small collection, mostly of photos from countries in Asia, but
    also including a few select countries in Europe.
  • Flowers - in February, March, flowers bloom everywhere and are pretty.
  • What's New - The latest pages uploaded are here.
  • Sitemap - The organization and links on the website are described here.
  • Sitemap2- A complete listing of the pages on this site.
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