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  • Thailand travel - contains photos of scenes of
    daily life, buildings, famous landmarks, etc. I
    have a large group of photographs from the
    south of Thailand, as well.

  • Bangkok - So many wonderful and strange
    things to photograph here, and I have included
    scenes of daily life, buildings, etc.  

  • Thai Folk Art - I have been fascinated with the
    folk art I see at temples, and there are samples
    of depictions of hell as well as other folk art on
    this page.

  • Thai Temples - This is a page exclusively for
    the temples in Thailand, including both
    Buddhist and Chinese temples, and Buddha
    images. There are many differences in the
    temples while still maintaining a conventional
    Thai style. This page also includes links to
    detailed pages of temples, such as:

  • Songkhla Province Travel - Songkhla has a rich
    historical legacy, with a combination of Thai,
    Chinese and Muslim traditions. In addition to
    city views, there is a wonderful natural beauty.

  • Asia and Europe - a small collection, mostly of
    photos from countries in Asia, but also
    including a few select countries in Europe.

  • Flowers - in February, March, flowers bloom
    everywhere and are pretty.

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Major Page Links at this site:

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