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Throughout Thailand, the Buddhist temples are
prominent and sometimes the center of life in the
community.  As you drive down the highway, you will
see a wide ranges of temples, from small village
temples to the large complex temple grounds.  

Many temples are famous for different reasons. Some
are famous for their meditation, others for massage
training, and others are famous for their ornate beauty.

Even the most simple place has a unique quality and
beauty. While their is a similarity to the design, their is a
wide range of applications of the conventional design.

This page is intended to be an index of pages that
display Thai temples, Chinese style temples in
Thailand,  Buddha images and to show the wide variety
of temples that can be seen in Thailand.

Four temples and Buddha image have their own
dedicated pages, and this page includes links to those
detailed pages, which include:

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Wat Aroon is also called Temple of
the Dawn and is across the Chao
Prya river from the Grand Palace. It
has the tallest structure at a temple
in Thailand, rising up about 80-85
meters. It is decorated with bits of
Wat Pra Keow is home to the Emerald
Buddha and is right next to the Grand
Palace.  At night, when lit up, the
appearance of the temple is magnificient.
Wat Po is famous for
its school on traditional
Thai Massage and has
a huge reclining
Buddha 15 meters high
by 46 meters long.
There are also 95
chedis at this temple.  
The Buddha images in Thailand are magnificent and are sometimes extremely large. The
are many different positions that the Buddha is depicted, for example, there are positions
for the days of the week, the months of the year, as well as positions based on the year,
similar to the Chinese zodiac. In total, there are about 72 different positions with different
meanings or origins.

This page includes over ten separate galleries of Buddha images from of few of the major
temples in Thailand.

These image galleries are from all over the nation.
Temples in the Provinces of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
I passed Nakhon
Sawan for years,
always seeing the
temple in the mountain
from the highway, and I
decided to go and see it
up close.
This Buddhist temple is
striking, and was built
on the corner of an
intersection I passed
frequently. The light
was awesome one
morning, so I stopped
and got these shots as
dark clouds were
rolling in from the sea,
but the sun was still
shining through.
There are many people
of Chinese ancestry in
Thailand, and many
families have been
here for hundreds of
years, maintaining their
culture, but adopting
Thai ways. There are
many beautiful Chinese
temples that these
people go to worship .
This temple was
particularly interesting
to me, because they
used old plates to
create decoration and
color in the fascia.
Wat Pra Sri Ma Ha Taht Wo
Ra Maha Wihan in the
Pitsanulok province is
commonly referred to as
Wat Luang Por Yai. This
temple was one of the first
that I ever spent much time
at, and I have returned
often. At night, it is
beautifully lit. The Buddha
image here is famous all
over Thailand for its beauty.
Temples in Thailand
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Driving by, the large
Chinese God overlooking
the sea is awesome.  It is
probably over six stories
high. In the base of this
stature, there is a temple
chamber. Sala Roo See is
named after a character
that lives in the mountains.  
You can see this character
in photos11 and 12.
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Temples with individual webpages
Wat Tha Soong is in Uthai
Thani province, about 150
miles north of Bangkok.
The temples (Wats) at
Wat Tha Soong are
unique because of their
mirror tiles on the
exterior walls & roofs.
Wat Pairong Wua is in
Suphan Buri province
and has a depiction of
hell as well as an
extremely large
Buddha image that you
can see from a great
At Wat Saen Suk in Bang Saen,
Chonburi province there is
statuary that depicts a ride range
of topics, including depictions of
Heaven and Hell, Thai Proverbs,
Chinese zodiac-Thai
style,Chinese Gods and
Christian and Muslim statues
Temples with individual webpages
Wat Pu Kow Tong,
the temple of the
Golden Mount rises
almost 60 meters
above Bangkok. The
golden chedi on top
offers a great view
of the city..
Photo right: One of four of the
major stupas or pagodas on the
temple grounds of Wat Po.
here for the page on Wat Po.
Photo right: The large
reclining Buddha at Wat Po.
Wat Benchamabopit
has a nice mix of
European and Thai
architecture. In
addition, the stained
glass windows are
unique compared to
other temples in
Temples in the Provinces of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
This Buddhist temple had
a mix of Chinese and
Buddhist styles, however
the granite styling of the
temple is unlike any other
temple I have ever seen
in Thailand .  Most Thai
temples have a feeling of
lightness, weightless
ness, but this temple had
the feeling of mass.
This temple had some
unique features. I found the
wrought iron shapes on the
windows interesting, with
shapes of the Buddha and
of the lotus flower included.