Most of my travel to the south of Thailand
was to the Songkhla province. Songkhla has
a rich historical legacy, with a combination of
Thai, Chinese and Muslim traditions. In
addition to city views, there is a wonderful
natural beauty as well. From the Samila
Beach, the view of the sun rising is

The thumbnail pages below show
photographs of historical ruins,  some scenic
views and commemorative monuments, and
people in activities of their daily life.  I was
able to travel there by train and by plane, and
then while there, around by various modes of
transport, such as private vehicles, and also
tuk tuk's, motorcycle taxis and buses. With
each different travel mode, there is a
different perspective of life.  I have traveled
there over nine years, and have seen
incredible changes take place.

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I have passed this
mosque on the way to
Songkhla town so many
times, and had the
chance to go see it. It is
still under construction
by the Islamic Council
of Songkhla province,  
but already is beautiful.
The rocks on this
particular stretch of
sea side were
imposing, but also
created some
interesting views.
Songkhla town hosted a
statue competition with
artist competing from
all over the world.
These are just a few of
the many that are on
the beach in Songkhla.
This temple had some
unique features. I found the
wrought iron shapes
interesting, with shapes of
the Buddha and of the lotus
flower included.
This Buddhist temple
had a mix of Chinese
and Buddhist styles,
however the granite
styling of the temple is
unlike any other temple
I have ever seen in
Thailand .
This is a very small
gallery, with only five
photographs, but it
shows the resting place
of a great leader in Thai
One Hundred years
ago, this cemetary was
in a Chinese
neighborhood in
Songkhla. It is now in an
Islamic neighborhood
and kept well
These are views of the
bay in Songkhla from
the ferry, as well as
photographs on the
Travel in the Songkhla Province of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
This is a beautiful
museum with white and
red predominate in an old
Chinese style.
There are monkeys living
on a hill overlooking the
city of Songkhla. They can
be a bit aggressive if they
are not fed.
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Travel Photos in Thailand's Songkhla Province
Copyright 2007, Brent Damon Heironimus
This page shows some
of the many artifacts
here that make the
Songkhla National
Museum interesting to
Travel in the Songkhla Province of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
Travel in the Songkhla Province of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
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This dragon statue is
reminiscent of the
Merlion in Singapore .
These are just a few
images of the
schoolchildren in
Singha Nakorn district
of Songkhla province.
In Songkhla, you will often
see people giving their
cattle exercise on the
beach in the early
morning or late in the
evening.  Some have said
it is only to move the
cattle from one grazing
spot to another.
A page showing the wide
variety of university
students in Songkhla.
Travel in the Songkhla Province of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
Photo right, An
exterior view of the
Songkhla National
Click here
for photos of that
Travel in the Songkhla Province of Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
One morning, I walked
out of my hotel in
Songkhla and a parade
was passing by in front.  
The children were
lovely dressed in many
styles of costume,
ranging from traditional
to scout uniforms.
Recently archeologists
have uncovered many
of the old city walls and
forts throughout
Songkhla province.
This gallery shows
people of Songkhla in
some every day
Fishing is a big industry in
the Songkhla province, and
there is even a university
dedicated to fishing. These
photos are a small sample
of the fishermen's life.
This gallery is a mix of
both views and people
in Songkhla .
These photos are of a
university Thai dancing
troupe performing at a
party. The style of Thai
dancing is so graceful.
Its interesting that two
of the dancers were
men dressed as