Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
Travel in Thailand presents so many types of things to see.  The thumbnail
pages below show photographs of historical ruins,  beautiful scenic views of
the sea, mountains and farmland, as well as commemorative monuments,
and people in activities of their daily life.  

It is easy to travel around, going by personal car, by train and by plane, and
using other types of transport, such as tuk tuk's (normally the three
wheeled vehicles),  sawng taows (pick up trucks with two rows of benches
in the back), saam lau's (three wheeled bicycles), motorcycle taxis and

Travel in Thailand also includes the activities or places listed below, which
are on featured on separate pages:
Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
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Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
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Travel Photos in Thailand
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Travel in Thailand  click for thumbnail pages
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Photo above, students wearing white shoes in Nakhon Sawan province of Thailand.  Click here for
thumbnail gallery.
The Beach at Bang
Saen in Chonburi has
been greatly developed.
It is a nice and clean
place to go to the sea to
relax and enjoy
delicious fresh seafood
grilled next to the beach.
Young or old, I think
most people love
elephants, and they are
quite versatile in
Thailand. They play ball,
paint and entertain. The
shows are from Phuket,
Suan Nong Nooch, and
from Suan Samphran.
Muang Boran is one of my
favorite places in
Thailand, with replicas of
Thai houses from
different regions of the
country, as well as
replicas of many
historical  sites.
here for their site:
Boran, the Ancient City
Suan Nong Nooch, just
outside of Pattaya has
a wonderful traditional
dancing show, an
elephant show, with
elephant painters, and
a beautiful large
Click here for
their website,
Nooch Tropical Garden.
In ancient times, Pitsanulok
was important as a
defensive post to ward off
invaders from Burma. It is
now a hub type of city for
travelers going to and from
the north. I was impressed
by the large number of
motorcycles and the
uniques style of tuk tuk
Most of the time, I have
seen students wearing
black shoes, but on my
trip to Nakhon Sawan, I
saw these students
wearing white shoes. It
just was interesting to
The Andaman Sea is
beautiful, with aqua
colors that are difficult
to describe. These
photos were taken
around Phuket and the
Andaman Sea.
Ayuthia was the
ancient capitol of Siam,
after Sukhothai and
before Bangkok. This
city has so many
historical treasures to
Sukothai was the
ancient capitol of Siam,
where King
developed the Thai
alphabet. It is rich in
There seemed to be
thousands of birds
flying so close to the
pier. I shot these just
as the sun was setting.
Just as elsewhere,
there are girl scouts
and there are different
types.  For example,
those pictured on this
page learn about first
aid primarily.
Its incredible that
people don't fall off the
trucks more often.  
There are people
pictured in this gallery
riding on top of trucks
on the expressway.
The Assumption University
Bangna Campus has an
eclectic mix of
architecture, of mostly
French & Spanish style. It
is a Catholic university but
a Buddhist Sala has been
built inside the campus.
Many Thai movies & tv
shows have been filmed
There are 76 provinces
in Thailand, (excluding
perhaps the 77th
province in Los
Angeles), and these are
a very small sample of
some of the sites.
Sunsets in Thailand
are beautiful,
especially from August
to November. There is
such a wide range to
the color of the light
shining through the
Tuk tuk's are three
wheeled taxis powered by
natural gas. I have noticed
that tuk tuk's have
different styles depending
on where you are in
Thailand. Here is a small
sample of some different
Page two of Assumption
University shows some
different scenes of this
very large and beautiful
campus. The small lake
has both white and black
swans and on this day, the
reflections of the buildings
and trees in the water was
There are about five or six
swans at the two lakes on
the Bangna campus of
Assumption University.
They are well taken care
of and its nice to watch
them.  The security guard
seemed worried about my
photographing them,
There are dogs at every
temple, as well as dogs
that roam the street. In my
neighborhood, the dogs
are well taken care of, and
are good mannered. Some
of the Thai dogs are a
beautiful breed, and have
silver hair, red hair or
stripes as well.
I was shocked the first
time I saw a man using a
jackhammer while
wearing a pair of slippers.
This page shows just a
few of some shots of not
wearing protective
equipment, no fall
protection and the like
Lan Krabue in
Kampangphet province is
probably one of my
favorite places. The
people were most times
very friendly. The green in
the rice fields is
The deer in Thailand are
quite small, about the size
of a great dane dog. These
were at Muang Boran, the
ancient city in Samut
Prakarn province..
People will try to read their
fortune by shaking a
canister of sticks, & when
one stick comes out, there
are fortunes available that
match the stick's number.  
The fortune that is read, if
it's good, is kept.  
Otherwise, the fortune is
Motorcycle taxis are
quick but a little
dangerous way to get
around. The government
improved the life of the
driver greatly by doing
away with the organized
crime element controlling
the drivers.
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