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Wat Benchamabopit
Wat Benchamabopit
Buddha images at Wat Benchamabopit
Wat Benchamabopit was commissioned by King Chulachomklao,
Prajao yoohua (also known as King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V), to
replace a temple called Wat Laem. The meaning of the name of
Benchamabopit is the temple of the Fifth Great Monarch.

King Rama V was interested in European architecture, having traveled
to many places in Europe, and this Wat has a nice combination of
European and Thai architectural details.

The inner courtyard is paved in marble, and inside the bot, there are
beautiful stained glass windows.

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Photo above, the stained glass windows inside the bot at Wat Benchamabopit. Click here or on the
photo for a gallery page.
The yellow shutters on this building
were a nice accent to the white
walls. I liked the detail in the fascia
as well.
This pages shows the exteriors of the temple, as well as ancillary buildings and
sites on the temple grounds.  There are also details shown of some of the
exteriors. The photo above is a detail of the roof that surrounds the inner
courtyard at the temple.
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Yellow Shuttered building at Wat Benchamabopit
There are many different
styles of Buddha images on
display in the inner courtyard
at Wat Benchamabopit.  Many
of the styles come from
different eras in Thai history,
but the styles also include
Buddhist styles from many
different countries.  Inside the
bot is a beautiful Buddha image
styled after the Buddha image
in Pitsanulok.