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Wat Tha Soong in Uthai Thani Province, Thailand  
Wat Tha Soong, in Uthai Thani province is an extremely large
Buddhist temple complex. Covering hundreds of acres, it has some
very unique features. There are hundreds or thousands of Buddha
images, nestled in rows throughout the grounds, under the shade of

Many of the temples are covered in clear mirror tiles and reflex the
sun in a dazzling sparkle of light.

Many wealthy people have purchase condominiums nearby, to
better go and practice meditation at this temple.

The complex is on both sides of the road as you pass through the
town, has a temple school, a large group of temple dogs, and a fish
area where people can feed the fish for merit.  These fish will never
be killed, and are considered blessed in this life.  The temple faces a
long river on one side, and the fish reside on the edge of the river.

The temple is also unique because there are an incredibly large
number of separate toilets, all clean and easily accessible for all

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Wat Tha Soong
Photo left: The interior of Prasart Tong
Kham (Golden Palace) on the Wat Tha
Soong temple grounds. It has an
amazing light coming from outside.
These Buddha images
are photographed from
four different temples
at the Wat Tha Soong
temple grounds. They
are majestic images,
and the color is
beautiful. The images
are shown in different
postures, according to
the Buddhist scripture.
Wat Tha Soong is in Uthai Thani province,
about 150 miles north of Bangkok. The temples
(Wats) at Wat Tha Soong are unique because
of their mirror tiles on the exterior walls &
roofs. The beauty of the interiors is striking,
with also many mirrored tiles on both the walls
& ceiling.
Prasart Tong Kham (Golden Palace) is on the Wat Tha
Soong temple grounds. It is currently under
construction, and is amazing. The architects have
devised a way to let the light come inside, and through
the door ways, the Buddha images outside line up
Temple fish have a good life.  They won't be eaten, and
are fed each day by people who come to the temple, as
a way to make merit, or tahm boon. At this temple, in the
afternoon, the monks came and also fed the fish.  There
is an aerator that is used to keep the water fresh and
this pond is adjacent to a river.

When the monks fed the fish, there was such a churning
in the water that it looked like the water was boiling.
This is an old temple, that is unique from the paintings
both on the interior and exterior walls. It is one of the
only temples I have seen that included motor vehicles in
the paintings mixed with religious scriptural stories. The
monk who was at the temple when I was there was very
kind, and added lighting for the photos.
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