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New galleries the week of 22nd October 2006  click for thumbnail pages
New galleries the week of 15th October 2006  click for thumbnail pages
New galleries the week of 22nd October 2006  click for thumbnail pages
New galleries the week of 22nd October 2006  click for thumbnail pages
In Songkhla, you will often
see people giving their
cattle exercise on the
beach in the early
morning or late in the
evening.  Some say it is
only to move the cattle to
and from one grazing
Bangkok authorities tried
to stop children selling
flowers on the streets
following some fatalities.
They have been fairly
The train station at Hua
Lampong in Bangkok is
impressive, and also
aesthetically pleasing.
Lan Krabue in
Kampangphet province
is probably one of my
favorite places. The
people were most
times very friendly. The
green in the rice fields
is indescribable.
The deer in Thailand
are quite small, about
the size of a great
dane dog. These were
at Muang Boran, the
ancient city in Samut
Prakarn province..
More of beautiful flowers
in Thailand.
These are just a few
images of the
schoolchildren in
Singha Nakorn district
of Songkhla province.
A page showing the wide
variety of university
students in Songkhla.
Wat Pu Kow Tong, the
temple of the Golden
Mount rises almost 60
meters above Bangkok.
The golden chedi on top
offers a great view of the
city. This page has seven
new galleries of photos.
Its incredible that
people don't fall off the
trucks more often.  
There are people
pictured in this gallery
riding on top of trucks
on the expressway.
have different types.  
For example, types.  For
example, those pictured
on this page learn about
first aid primarily.
These photos are of a
university Thai dancing
troupe performing at a
party. The style of Thai
dancing is so graceful.
Its interesting that two
of the dancers were
men dressed as
At Wat Saen Suk in Bang
Saen,  there is statuary
that depicts a ride range
of topics, including
depictions of Heaven and
Hell, Thai Proverbs, Thai
style zodiac,Chinese
Gods and Christian and
Muslim statues.
I was going to Seri
Center one day, and saw
something going on.  At
first, I thought they were
teasing, but later
realized a young man
was mugging the woman.

I was shocked the first
time I saw a man using a
jackhammer while
wearing a pair of slippers.
This page shows just a
few of some shots of not
wearing protective
equipment, no fall
protection and the like
Wat Tha Soong has
beautiful Buddha images,
and a golden temple.
New on this page is the
fish at that temple.

These images are a mix
from all over the country
and include over ten
galleries of photos.
Wat Po is famous for
its school on traditional
Thai Massage and has
a huge reclining
Buddha 15 meters high
by 46 meters long.
There are also 95
chedis at this temple.  
Bangkok has a high
population density, and
luckily, in each of these
fires, nobody was hurt.
Wat Pairong Wua is in
Suphan Buri province
and has a depiction of
hell as well as an
extremely large
Buddha image that you
can see from a great
New galleries the week of 29th October 2006  click for thumbnail pages
The motorcycle is
used to deliver all
sorts of objects in
Bangkok. For example,
you will see tire, gas,
and carpet delivery, all
on a motorcycle.
People will try to read
their fortune by shaking a
canister of sticks, &
when one stick comes
out, there are fortunes
available that match the
stick's number.  
Motorcycle taxis are
quick but a little
dangerous way to get
around. The government
improved the life of the
driver greatly by doing
away with the organized
crime element controlling
the drivers.
New galleries the week of 11th November 2006  click for thumbnail pages
I had never seen
stained glass windows
in any temple in
Thailand before seeing
the windows at Wat
I liked the yellow shutters
that accented this white
temple building at Wat
This is a mix of some of
the sites you will see at
Wat Benchamabopit.
There is a wide variety of
styles on display in the
inner courtyard of the
temple, as well as a
Buddha image styled
after the image in
New galleries the week of 11th February 2007  click for thumbnail pages
The rocks on this
particular stretch of
sea side were
imposing, but also
created some
interesting views.
Songkhla town hosted a
statue competition with
artist competing from
all over the world.
These are just a few of
the many that are on
the beach in Songkhla.
This Buddhist temple
had a mix of Chinese
and Buddhist styles,
however the granite
styling of the temple is
unlike any other temple
I have ever seen in
Thailand .
This dragon statue is
reminiscent of the
Merlion in Singapore .
This temple had some
unique features. I found
the wrought iron
shapes interesting, with
shapes of the Buddha
and of the lotus flower
I have passed this mosque
on the way to Songkhla
town so many times, and
had the chance to go see it.
It is still under construction
by the Islamic Council of
Songkhla province,  but
already is beautiful.